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Rochdale based aural technology research group

gescom gescom stencil


This transmission is brought to you by Gescom

tesco tesco2


1x Tesco branded value white t shirt
Size: Large
100% Cotton

tesco original

This shirt was made using t-shirt transfer paper, but before that the first version of this was made all the way back in August 2006 just using stencils and fabric paint, where I posted it up on Stencil Revolution. (Unfortunately couldn't find the oringal posting as they've redesigned their website since.)

Undoubtedly "inspired" by shamelessly ripping off the Banksy "Tesco Value Soup Cans" prints.

nk nk2


I went to Pyongyang and all i got was 10 years in a political re-education camp

Express your love for the most advanced democratic people's republic in the world!
Buy now before the whole country falls apart, otherwise this shirt may get overtaken by current events and will become archaically retro.


As if this hasn't been done to death already....
Red spray paint on a genuine cuban made Che shirt that my grandparents brought me back from Cuba.
Despite only been worn a handful of times, it is already falling apart, note the two tears.Typical comi workmanship.


Multiple circle tie dye'd shirt

m70 jacket front m70 jacket front
m70 jacket front m70 jacket front

Swiss m70 parka jacket

I picked up one of these for cheap from an army surplus type place online, I liked the look of it unique and unusual Leibermuster (Aplenfalge) camo pattern that the swiss adopted in the 50's.

More info on the pattern at Camopedia.

I've got a couple of surplus jackets, however it seems with this, unlike the standard, field jacket + webbing combination that they where originally worn with.

The Swiss however appear to have just cut out the middle man and just combine it all in one. Hence why this thing is massive, it has nine pockets, providing you with more than enough storage to carry all the Swiss cheese and chocolate you'll need.

This is a bit over kill for me, so I unstitched and removed the chest, arm and rear pockets, along with the reinforced waterproof sleeve patches.

It came out pretty well, is much more light weight and less bulky.

eastpak bag beige eastpak bag over dye
eastpak bag black russian patch eastpak bag black russian patch

Dyed Eastpak Militia Bag

Old Eastpak bag that I've had for a while. Overdyed the cordura with 2 packets of Rit dye.

At first it was pretty much pitch black, but after giving it a light wash, it's come out with this stone wash like effect, which is pretty nice, I guess. Unstitched the Eastpak logos before I dyed it, and replaced it Russian Militsiya patch.

black jumper dip dye fade

Dyed/Painted Jumper Fade

An old jumper, tried dip dying, but it didnt take to well with the left overs, so darken it up with spray paint. Came out pretty nice.

black jumper dip dye fade black jumper dip dye fade

UK Acid Hi Vis

UK Acid Hi Vis for maximum visibility.