Ambient Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning is not fun.

Being annoyed enough by a buzzing tone to get out bed is not fun.

I've been through all the stock tones on my phone, but they all, even the ok-ish ones, after a couple of weeks, get really annoying.

So I changed all the alarm tones on my phone to my ambient music playlist instead, and set the volume to slowly fade up. Now when I've only had 3 hours sleep and I have to get up 06:00, I'm being gently awaken to the sounds of "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks" or "Selected Ambient Works Volume II"

alarm tone

It's much nicer to have the first thing you hear in the morning being music that sounds like it was composed for floating in space and exploring the moon.

Radio Hold Music

I called up my ISP & TV provider a while ago, what was cool was when they put you on hold, you get a couple options of what kinds of musak playlist you get while you're waiting,
pop, rock, urban electronic etc.

But why stop there?

Radio these days has much less listeners and I think a radical departure from the norm such as this, can really revive the whole medium.

Just get a bunch of FM radios, (or DAB if we ever get round to switching over... or the websteams...) tune them to various stations and plug them in as options instead.

The radio stations wouldn't mind as they are broadcasting for free and are ad-supported anyway, and you on the phone wouldn't mind, as you would have actully have something interesting to listen to.

Picture the scene, you, in your council flat, surrounded by empty cans of special brew, are ringing up to find out why your Job seekers allowance has been cut off, and suddenly, you are cut off and are thrust into an in depth conversation regarding the best way to protect your winter vegetables from frost bite in "Gardner’s Question Time"

Media people should be paying me to develop ideas for situations like this.