eSpeak Answering Machine Messages

I originally had eSpeak speaking some cold corporate disclaimer type message for an answering machine, but then I was re-listening to Midnight Maurders for the 100th time and had an even better idea....

Hello, this your answering machine program. I am on the other end of the line. I will be capturing your audio message in the area of 300 to 3400 Hertz. We hope you find this feature presise, useful, and just right. Thanks.

eSpeak with a female voice reading the message.

Then in audacity, sampling the opening scratches off the original, then adding the backing track. (Cal Tjader - Aquarius if you're interested!)


I then had to slow it down by 8% or so get the right pitch and time as the original, then for the ending section time warping/stretching it to imitate the slowing down of the record on the original.

This came out really well, the only thing that could do with a bit more work is getting the voice to match the original a bit better, maybe mess around with the pitch? Needs to sounds less synthesized?