Sound Activated LED Lightbox

I got hold of a load of these defective RGB LED strips that where previously used for underfloor lighting on a set and where being thrown out.

So with a cheap (£20) music responsive controller off eBay, I've built a simple "lightbox" that's fun the play around with music.


Soldered 4 wires beteween to connect up all the strips.


Test run


To display the strips, I built a 40x86cm "picture frame" box, covering the front of it with a sheet of box patterned clear acrylic. My original plan was top just have a straight transparent cover, but the rectangular grid diffracts the LEDs in interesting patterns.

You can get creative with the design of the piece of plastic, I experimenting with offsetting the height of it, resulting in more/less diffraction or overlaying tracing paper to diffuse and soften the light.


I then stuck the strips down in rows using hot glue or epoxy or somthing.


You can clearly see some of the defective LED here, I left them in, as it looks kind of cool and adds some randomness to the grid.

../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/lightbox/IMG_2753.jpg ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/lightbox/IMG_2758.jpg

Demo Video