Game of Life

I got two of these Game of Life kits from Adafruit Industries.
They are pretty simple and easy to make LED matrix's that follows Conway's Game of Life rules

With just the one board it gets stuck on the blinker oscillator pattern all too often. However with two or more boards this happens much left often and produce more random patterns and can generate some intresting still lives that you won't get on just one board, such as the loaf and the dock.
So I'd recommend you try and get at least a minimum of two of these kit's if you want to use them as some desk art to make pretty patterns all day long.

../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/01.jpg  ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/02.jpg  ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/03.jpg  ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/04.jpg  ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/05.jpg  ../../../img/user/cdkr/electronics/life/06.jpg  

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