VMDG480 Modem Teardown

Note: tampering with your provided Virgin Media modem is probably a violation of their ToS

Unlike the previous "all-in-on" modems provided, these support "modem mode" so that you can easily use your own router instead of inbuilt features of this. As the wireless on this isn't going to be used, you can remove the card and re use in another laptop/piece of hardware, just like with the VMDG280

virgin VMDG480 back

Unscrew the two screws underneath the ports and then pop the bottom stand out.

virgin VMDG480 side

The screw holding the plastic panel, is high up on the list of minor inconveniences which enrage me, security torx. This "tamper-proof" screw has no place on consumer hardware. Fortunately with the correct sized flat head you can jam a driver in and use that to turn it out.


If that doesn't work, just drill the damn thing out.

virgin VMDG480 board

An unnecessary eight more regular Torx hold the PCB in place. I think the matrix of solder dots that cover the board are to help with the RF properties of Wi-Fi?

virgin VMDG480 wifi card

The Wi-Fi card, the text reads: UPWL 6024 REV:1.02, It's a Pegatron UPWL6024 and uses the Broadcom BCM43224 chip.

To the top left you will notice point J303 where you can solder in a 4 pin header and using a MAX232 get a serial connection to the modem.

Pinout (left to right)

  • Pin 1: VCC (3.3V)
  • Pin 2: Data TX
  • Pin 3: Data RX
  • Pin 4: GND