iPod Mini Upgrading

This write up is a bit out of date (2007-ish I think) but it was pretty interesting at the time and was one of my first little hacks.
My first real mp3 player was an old 1G iPod mini that I got for free, because the previous owner had managed to send to send it for a clean in the washing machine and he believed had destroyed it.

The main insperation for this seeing Mark Hoekstra's (RIP) flash memory mod of his iPod mini
Mark was a pretty big inspiration for me, getting into modding and hacking stuff, he sadly died in 2008 of a stroke, however his website is still on-line and static and its still worth a look around to see all interesting tech and projects this guy got up to in his life.


(Theses plenty of iPod mini teardown videos and tutorials if you need every step, so this is just a basic over view of what I did )

  • Swapped boards between two iPod's to find the working one.
  • Upgraded battery to a 650mAh model
  • Took apart an unwanted Creative Zen, plundered the 5GB microdrive from it and instaleld in the ipod mini.
  • Installed the Rockbox firmware for the 1G iPod mini.
  • Reassembled it, checked in all still worked, then stripped it back down, buffed the green finish off with wire-wool and a small set of files for the small bits.
  • Reassemble again and enjoy looking at fractals on your custom iPod!


/img/user/cdkr/electronics/ipod_mini/01.jpg  /img/user/cdkr/electronics/ipod_mini/02.jpg  /img/user/cdkr/electronics/ipod_mini/03.jpg  /img/user/cdkr/electronics/ipod_mini/04.jpg