Computer Projects

Mostly computers, networking and embedded systems stuff.

Ambit 250


NTL Ambit 250 EUDOCSIS 2.0 Modem, using a max232 to access the serial console and installed haxorware on it.

Project started: Dec 10

Last updated: 17/10/11

Ipod Mini Upgrade


Modding a 1G iPod mini, by upgrading the hard-drive, buffing the case silver and installing Rockbox onto it.

Project started: ~2007

Last updated: 13/2/11

Kindle 3 Hacks


Mods and hacks on my Kindle 3

Project started: Nov 11

Last updated: 30/11/11

Coloured ThinkPad ThinkLight


Changing the colour of a ThinkPad ThinkLight

Project started: May 14

Last updated: 07/11/2014

Virgin Media VMDG280 Modem


You can tear apart your Virgin Media modem and use the 802.11n wifi card to upgrade your laptops hardware.

Project started: Dec 10

Last updated: 18/08/2011

Virgin Media VMDG480 Modem


Then newer VMDG480 Virgin Media EUDOCSIS 3.0 modem can also be dissembled to acquire it's 802.11n wifi card.

Project started: Jan 11

Last updated: 18/07/2011

VLC Batch Video Recorder


Scripting VLC to automate capturing hour long timestamped clips for compliance/security/quality assurance.

Project started: Dec 11

Last updated: 08/02/13

Watchguard WG2500 Firewall


Old hardware firewall teardown and Serial/JTAG pin-outs.

Project started: Dec 10

Last updated: 18/08/2011

Electronic Projects

Mostly analogue electronics stuff.

LAN Cable Tester


Fried LAN cable tester that I fixed.

Project started: Nov 10

Last updated: 5/12/10

Day Counter


WickedDevice daycounter kit

Counts up or down, one day at time, you can also use it trigger stuff, maybe like a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine that is triggered on a certain day or something.

Project started: Nov 10

Last updated: 12/02/11

Conway's Game of Life


Adafruit Industries Kit I made that follows Conway's Game of Life rules.

Makes pretty LED patterns.

Project started: Nov 10

Last updated: 5/12/10


Building a RGB LED lightbox that responds to sound.

Project started: Aug 13

Last updated: 06/09/14

PlayStation Controllers


Repairing old generic playstation style controllers.

Project started: 01/03/2012

Last updated: 21/06/2012

Pong Console


The Game that everyone is talking about!

Construction of kit and various mods.

Project started: Nov 10

Last updated: 27/01/11

Misc Projects

Mostly other stuff.

eSpeak Answering Machine Messages


Making answering machine messages with the eSpeak Speech Synthesizer

Project started: 28/09/2012

Last updated: 20/11/2012

My Bikes


Info about my bikes.

Project started: Ages ago

Last updated: 24/10/2015

Awesome Ideas


Super awesome ideas, that are;

a.) Too minor to warrant their own page.

or b.) Too stupid or unfeasible to be done.

Project started: 18/12/2012

Last updated: 25/12/2012

Amplifer red LED mod


Modding my Pioneer SA-510 amplifier to change the colour of the meter.

Project started: 27/01/2011

Last updated: 02/03/2011

Tektronix 601E Easter Egg


An easter egg included with a Tektronix 601E waveform monitor

Project started: 29/05/2011

Last updated: 29/05/2011