Deus Ex Fortune


Ever since I played Deus Ex off a CD demo disk from PC Gamer magazine all the way back in 2000, it has been hand down my favorite game of all time.
Now you can enjoy a selection of quotes and text from the game, for use with the classic unix-like "game" fortune.

Download (.zip) (SHA1: 2370bc0421cb68e2803799cf75a07a61d8fc9955)

Download (.tar.bz2) (SHA-1: 4122039cef80e494c9df312f3d744269de3885b5)

Change Log

v1.0 - First release, mostly created hap-hazardly from the quotes from wikiquote and imdb.

v1.2 - Bigger, more complete version, created by reading the script end to end (I had a lot of time to kill) and picking out intresting lines for each character.


Extract "deus_ex" and "deus_ex.dat" to /usr/local/share/games/fortunes/ (or equivalent, you may also need to create the dir if it doesn't exist)


fortune deus_ex

Try it

The Reluctant Dictators
by Travis Crockett

Organized at the end of the American Revolution on May 13, 1783, by General
George Washington, the Order of the Cincinnati was ostensibly formed as a
fraternity to recognize the accomplishments of those officers who had served
with distinguishment during the Revolution. However, the true purpose of the
Order was the cultivation of a military force ready, willing, and able to
accomplish a coup d'etat if the fledgling American democracy began to stumble.
Skeptical at the viability of the untried democratic system, Washington took
counsel in the story of the Roman general Cincinnatus who was called from
retirement to serve as Dictator for sixteen days in the defense of Rome, after
which he returned home to his farm. In the wake of the Revolution, the United
States was vulnerable to any number of outside forces, and Washington felt that
a strong, central authority had to be present that could assume control of the
government if necessary -- and "temporarily" suspend the Constitution if
Washington resigned as President after only two terms in office, but remained
President of the Order of the Cincinnati till his death. The Order still exists
to this day, a shadow organization of the wealthy and powerful that has been
linked to any number of other organizations ranging from the Illuminati to the
Trilateral Commission...

(Note the formatting messes up a bit here sometimes, but it works fine in a terminal)


Here's a couple of samples images of how I've used deus ex fortune with xscreensaver "phosphor"
By using "fortune deus_ex" to generate the text. Now when your computers not doing much, receive information from Alex Jacobson, debate philosophy with Morpheus and read Gunther's emails about him complaining about his lack of a "skul-gun."

01.png 02.png



  • A truly awesome idea, would be to hook up a micro-controller (an arduino maybe?), a square lcd display, and get a script to every couple of minutes/hours/days to display a random quote from the "datacubes" set of fortunes, to create your own replica Datacube
  • An even more awesome idea would be to make a fully functioning datacube, with maybe a touchscreen UI, so you could enter your own notes (while even the lowest model mobile phone can store notes, when Deus Ex was written, the idea of a datacube probably sounded pretty futuristic...)