A selection of my work that I've produced

Doodles - 2008-2010


Doodles from my notebook.

Leaves - 2006/2007


Series of work with the theme of leaves, probably done as part of my AS level Art projects.

Prints - 2007/2008


Series of abstract prints and mixed media on canvas, done for my A level art project.

Alpha, Beta & Gamma

/img/user/cdkr/art/alpha0.jpg /img/user/cdkr/art/alpha1.jpg /img/user/cdkr/art/alpha2.jpg /img/user/cdkr/art/alpha3.jpg

α Alpha, Pt. 1/3 of a series of objects I made an art project, I forgot what the theme was. Multi-media on a winecrate.


β Beta, Pt. 2/3 of a series of objects, Stencils && mixed media on a computer case panel.


γ Gamma, The Unfinished Pt. 3/3, Woodcutting, now used to hang my lanyards on.


G_R_SO, Collage of newspaper clippings


SK-527, which is a flight number.


SK-527-2 Revision of original.


Piece of Mars, Semi dried plaster of paris spray black and then red.




Cyrillic_3, Multimedia on MDF, Part of my AS Level project on propaganda and multimedia.
Side Note: On the day that I made this, I broke 3 bones in my foot playing football.



3_Mt, Acrylic on MDF, started off just painting over some old collage, then by accident it started looking like a mountain range, and a forest and then a city.




+Euput, Acrylic and multimedia on a shelf slat.


A work thats been in progress for about 2 and bit years now, everytime i get bored, I scribble and add a little more.


Current as of 20/12/2011.


pri_pattern, May 18th 2008, layered acrylic, stencils and prints on MDF, part of my A level art exam I think.

insence_holder insence_holder2

Clay incense holder, splatter painted à la Jackson Pollock.


Sawed the top of a Montana hardcore, half filled with sand, works much better as the ash doesn't go everywhere now.



Tennis Pokéball.


Debian netbook sticker, handcut white vinyl


Hazard Diamond, I ride my bike a lot, and I really just hate knowing that other lawful users of the road are blissfully unaware of the hazardous materials contained in my bag. Complete with VW badge and parking tickets.


Old Tech, Marker pen on an old calculator.


Smashed Microcassette, then scanned.


Stencil on 7"



Pages of this in a text editor wouldn't be as scary if they ever made a remake.