This Website

I started this "personal website" in November 2010 as an effort to document and archive all my work and projects && other stuff that interests me.
Each page has been constructed "by hand" which as I'm well aware is horrible way to do this && I really should learn PHP or something to generate pages. DONE

I felt it was more "fun" to start this site from scratch and build it all by hand, forcing myself to learn all the tech with html/css/php etc.
Using something like blogspot or tumblr or whatever and an off-the-shelf theme is all well and good, but I preferred to do it all the hard way as it felt more personalised, plus LEARNING IS FUN.

I constructed this site with the W3Schools tutorials, the O'Reilly reference book for HTML & XHTML, and the help of JMD for hosting & Alex for help with CSS & PHP.

I also useopenfoto, along with script.aculo.us for managing the images and generating thumbnails.

Unless otherwise noted, feel free to modify and/or redistribute content as long as you credit my original work. (That's pretty much what the CC-BY icon at the bottom means.) Apart from /art/, which is CC-BY-NC (which only allows re-use non-commercially.)


Notice the colours of the header and footers? They change based on what day of the week it is;
Terrible soul-destroying never-ending weekday? Red.
Glorious carefree and blissful weekend? Blue.


oh god how did i get here, im not good with scanner

Height: Under 5' 10"
Weight: About 70kg
Handedness: Right handed
Blood Type: I dunno, I probably should find this out someday as it's semi-important in some parts of the world.


Send mail to <cdkr00[at]gmail.com>

To send me mail securely you can encrypt using my GPG key or the keyserver at pool.sks-keyservers.net