Welcome to CDKR Web,
this is my own personal website I've made to document my projects and archive my artwork and the like.
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Update/Change Log

21/06/2017 - Site not dead just yet, UK Acid Hi Vis.
24/10/2015 - Just finished building this bike.
23/03/2015 - Jumper that I dyed/faded.
22/03/2015 - Eastpak bag that I dyed and customised.
07/11/2014 - Custom ThinkLight colours for Thinkpads
06/09/2014 - Made a different video for the Lightbox I made a while ago.
01/02/2014 - Been neglecting this for a while... here's a multi-colour LED light box that I made a while ago. It that reacts to sounds and looks pretty cool when you play music at it.
08/04/2013 - Added Swiss M70 parka that I modified.
08/02/2013 - v0.2 BIG update that I've been putting off for ages. Accepted what year it is and added in OpenFoto, along with for handling images, thumbnail generation etc. Lightbox is now included and is much better for viewing images full size. Can also view images direct from the img directory. Been listening to a lot of MF DOOM and made a new stencil. Made an incense holder out of spray can. Worked on my VLC interval recorder some more, made a spin-off home CCTV project.
13/01/2013 - Added welcome banner image to main page, might make some more and have it be picked randomly, like the 404 page. Also, yeah I know, images spill out when they are wider that the min-width of the page. Maybe one day I will fix that and actually get everything to look better on mobile, but w/e...
18/12/2012 - A collection of stuff that I think "kinda sounds like a good idea on paper."
20/11/2012 - More messing around with voice synthesis, recreated the tour guide from Midnight Marauders as an answering machine instead.
29/09/2012 - Making answering machine messages with eSpeak.
28/08/2012 - v0.1.91 Added some data on when the last time something was updated to some of my projects, to give them some historical context.
27/08/2012 - Added (work in progress) page on my VLC batch interval recorder.
19/06/2012 - More underpass exploring.
03/06/2012 - Went on another expedition to Ferrier Estate the other week.
06/05/2012 - Added some more images for the 404 pages (the images are displayed randomly, refresh for more.)
07/04/2012 - Splatter painted clay insence stick holder. & updated by splatter painted usb controller.
03/04/2012 - New stencil, Sad Mac icon.
01/03/2012 - Fixes for my PlayStation controllers.
25/02/2012 - Scanned a bunch of doodles from my note book, new favicon.
17/02/2012 - Added the website name to the EXIF data of all the images.
18/01/2012 - v0.1.9, redesigned and moved around projects page, now separated out into sections for computers, electronics, & "misc., links to in old /electronics/ now neatly redirect to the relevant pages in /projects/.
20/12/2011 - I think I've finished working on frame.
27/11/2011 - New page on displaying custom images when you are charging your Kindle 3
17/11/2011 - Virgin Media VMDG480 modem teardown and Wi-Fi card.
26/10/2011 - New Tie-Dye shirt
17/10/2011 - v0.1.8, Finally got round to completing my Ambit 250 Haxorware installation write up.
07/10/2011 - New CSS style for quoting terminal text.
29/09/2011 - Updated Deus Ex Fortune to v1.2, added a load more in background text and quotes from game to it.
18/09/2011 - Tennis Pokéball.
14/09/2011 - Updated T-Shirts page, changed layout, wrote some background to the tesco value shirt. New Favicon.
27/08/2011 - Put up the SHA-1 sums for Deus Ex Fortune.
18/08/2011 - More info on the mini PCI Express card in a VMDG280 Modem
28/07/2011 - Added some more info about the serial connection on a Virgin VMDG280 modem.
12/07/2011 - Updated reading list in reverse order.
11/07/2011 - Added some contact infomation, also I recently went exploring with my camera around the Ferrier Estate.
29/05/2011 - Tektronix 601E easter egg.
23/05/2011 - Added hi-res artwork for analord.
22/05/2011 - New ninja stencil, added flickr photostream to art.
12/05/2011 - Added a list of everything I've been reading recently.
16/04/2011 - v0.1.7 Updated Art page, two old/new series, Leaves & Prints.
11/04/2011 - Added separate black and white layers for gangster stencil & updated about page.
31/03/2011 - Updated stencils page again with images of "30's gangster" and added some line breaks between items.
28/03/2011 - Updated the stencils page.
12/03/2011 - Created change log & front page.
12/01/2011 - v0.1.0, domain name registered with the site.
11/11/2010 - Site is born as a subdomain of and goes live in all its glory, no php or css, just crude presentational HTML.